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About us

Give time a new meaning.

If you have a Swiss watch on your wrist, you can rest assured. Around the world, it is the Swiss watch that is recognised as the best and most prestigious. Therefore, since the end of last century we have been presenting to you Swiss brands and products that are extremely well-appreciated on the international market.

Part of private limited company Ogmios Astra Laikrodžiai, shops Šveicarija is the only place where you can buy exclusively nothing but Swiss watches. Time has shown that you have come to like watches by such well-known companies as “LONGINES“, “MIDO“, “HAMILTON” and “TISSOT“, which have become our most marketable merchandise across Lithuania.

Possessing not a slightest wish to stop where we are now and in order to cater to the most discriminating customers, we have soon started offering the world leading watch brands like “Baume & Mercier“, “Breitling“, “Breitling for Bentley“.

For those who like fashion watches, we can offer the Italian watch company “GaGa Milano“, which has gained international recognition in a short time, which has resulted in an important and prestigious goal by opening its headquarters in Switzerland.

Appreciate the Swiss combination of exquisite design and top quality. Because not everything is worth a place on your wrist.