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Founded in 1884, the Breitling company is first of all famous as the world manufacturer of chronograph watches. Breitling designed its first hand-held chronograph in 1915 and later took to supply the entire Royal Air Forces with watches like that and became a synonym of international aviation. Breitling’s law is: quality, goal – result. The philosophy of the company rests on its objective to engineer extremely accurate and extremely reliable clockworks to satisfy even the most demanding of the professionals. Therefore every clockwork mechanism is subjected to rigorous testing at Switzerland’s institute for testing chronographs. Yet Breitling’s products

 have soon overstepped the limits of being merely functional, precise, resilient and quality aviation instruments. After repeated technological improvements, Breitling watches have become an indicator of status, exclusivity and luxury.  Manufacturer’s website


1990 Founded by Roland Schwertner, NOMOS Glashütte is today the largest manufacturer of mechanical watches in Germany. No one else makes more watches than this company. It goes without saying that Glashütte is the heart of NOMOS Glashütte. Not only in Glashütte, but all over the world, where there are beautiful mechanical watches, it is very rare for a company that does not buy its watch movements from third parties, but also manufactures its own. NOMOS Glashütte exclusively develops and manufactures its own calibers; each watch is made in the factory, in place of Glashütte. And almost everything is made by hand.
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Junghans has been giving a face to time for over 150 years. The attention to detail, the high demands on design and quality and generations of technical expertise have characterized the products of Uhrenfabrik Junghans since it was founded in 1861. Values that form the foundations for the success story of the company from Schramberg in the Black Forest.

In 2018 the terrace building has been revived for its 100th birthday. In this monument to industrial architecture, long the light-flooded centrepiece of Junghans watch production, the tradition of watch and clockmaking in the Black Forest can be experienced in the form of a museum.
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Almost 100 years of watchmaking history dedicated to the tradition and know-how. Founded in Switzerland in 1918 by Georges Schaeren, MIDO is today based in the city of Le Locle, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains. The name MIDO comes from the Spanish «Yo mido», meaning «I measure». Manufacturer’s website

Gaga Milano

Fueled by the versatile creativity of founder Ruben Tomella, Gaga Milano was launched in 2004 with its first collection of watches that reflected the brand’s unique design language. Playful and quirky, Gaga Milano watches blend old time classics with futuristic vision refined with irony and elegance. High quality of material, craftsmanship, attention to details, the originality and sophistication of its products have brought international acclaim to the brand in such a short span. Manufacturer’s website


Tissot authorized retailerThe company Tissot, established in 1853, for more than 160 years, faithfully keeps the tradition of producing Swiss watches. Being an official sponsor of the world championships in bicycle and motor sport, fencing and hockey, Tissot is guided by the values ​​inherent in sports: sometimes even risking, strives for accuracy, to the position of the leader. Tissot, due to its fast and determined policy, always tries to be noticeable among the major international watch manufacturers. The mission of the company is to offer a wide audience a wide range of high quality watches at an affordable price, or simply„gold at a price of silver“.  Manufacturer’s website 


Established in 1832, Longines has found its place in the world’s history as the inventor of the electronic method that triggers the clockwork at the start of a game and shuts it down at finish. It was Longines that registered the time of the first trans-Atlantic flight from New York to Paris in 1927. On top of that, one of the company’s more interesting collections is named after Charles A. Lindbergh, the pilot who performed the flight. Longines is also known as an official sponsor of many international sporting events and Olympic Games. Yet the goal to keep pace with the latest technological solutions is always matched by the passion for elegance. All watch collection lines by Longines are defined by charisma and radiate a unique harmony of precision and elegance. Manufacturer’s website


The history of the Hamilton brand is 120 years old and represents an eventful journey from the American city of Lancaster to Swiss Biel, the world capital of watchmaking. Bright moments of the company’s pioneering cooperation with the world of aviation and the world of cinema, the use of the latest digital technologies formed its current collection. Hamilton watch has a distinct character and original design, in which the American spirit and Swiss technologies have organically combined. Manufacturer’s website

Baume et Mercier

The Baume brothers who founded their watch-making factory in 1830 only favoured perfect products of top quality. To continue this tradition and to invigorate the business, William Baume and the watchmaker and jeweller Paul Mercier founded Baume & Mercier in Geneva in 1918. Merely several years had passed and the company received a Poincon de Geneve award in recognition of the impeccable quality of the company’s products. In 1964, Baume & Mercier chose the Greek letter “Phi” for its symbol, which stands for the balance of perfect proportions. The various styles of Baume & Mercier’s watches stand out in their exquisite proportions and aesthetic perfection, matured elegance and sophistication. Manufacturer’s website


Masters in the art of combining robust and distinctive design with complex technology, Garmin creates watches specifically designed for use in aviation, maritime pursuits, and sports. They pioneered the use of GPS and wireless sensors in performance sports- and were amongst the first to embrace smart technologies and connectivity.
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